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Our Story

Blue Pointe Oyster Bar and Seafood Grill opened in November 2003 with a serious commitment to serving only the finest and freshest seafood from the North Atlantic, the Pacific Coast, the Great Lakes & the Gulf of Mexico. It was once said that “If you’re a seafood zealot who savors the fruits of the sea for every course at dinner and dismisses dessert to leave room for raw oysters at the start of the meal, then you have found your culinary paradise in Blue Pointe” by Gulf shore Life.

In January 2014, we remodeled! “We are happy to celebrate our 10 years in business at Blue Pointe and we wanted to do something quite significant. It was simply time to re-invigorate our classic restaurant and give our guests a new aesthetic experience,” stated Mike Gibbons, CEO and President of Mainstreet Ventures. Architect Brent LaCount of Design Collective, Columbus, Ohio, stated that the main objective was to give Blue Pointe “a new, bold look for the New Year”.

Our new design incorporates a very modern look with the use of natural mahogany wood, white marbled granite countertops, and vivid cobalt blue wall murals and mosaic tile accents. Natural mahogany wood is used throughout the restaurant from flooring, to tables, chairs, structural posts, and surrounding walls. Beautifully marbled white granite countertops surround the newly redesigned bar area. Digital blue wall murals and cobalt blue mosaic tiles are used as vivid design accents throughout our restaurant against the dark mahogany stained wood and contrasting white countertops.

Accompanying the new modern look of our restaurant will be a new tech tool replacing paper menus. Menuvative interactive menu tablets will be used instead of paper menus. As guests are seated, they will be handed a traditional-looking smooth black leather-bound menu. But that is where tradition ends and the new menu experience begins since this is not your ordinary menu. As you scroll through the pages of the interactive menu tablet, guests will find this is far more informative than a traditional menu. A simple tap on any item delivers a chef’s full description with a photograph of the item, food, and wine pairings and the potential to offer nutritional and allergy information.

“We hope our new menu tablets will engage guests on a variety of different levels. Guests will be able to pair wine to their meal, view wine scores and tasting notes, and enjoy the easy readability of the menu,” says general manager Doug Jensen. With regard to the guest’s dining experience, you won’t find any games, social media, or any other internet interaction on the menu tablet. Menuvative encourages interaction with the server at the restaurant since it is not a direct order process like a kiosk where an order is placed online. Menuvative provides a greater amount of information to each guest, enhancing the guest’s dining experience.

The new modern look of Blue Pointe combined with the new Menuvative menu tablets will surely create a new experience for our guests! With the new look comes a renewed commitment to exceed our guest expectations and provide a memorable dining experience.